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SKF launches Knowledge Engineering mobile apps

SKF today announced they have developed a range of informational and calculation-focused apps which enable users to experience the world of SKF knowledge engineering on their iPhone and iPad. The SKF apps make it easier for users to analyze, calculate and determine the correct solution, as well as learn more about SKF and SKF's products and solutions.


"Our vision is to equip the world with SKF knowledge and as the world becomes more mobile, we can use the newest technology to make our knowledge available to our customers, partners and students," says Tom Johnstone, President and CEO for SKF.
"The use of mobile devices is increasing rapidly and becoming an invaluable tool for many people. By making our knowledge more readily available on mobile devices, we make it easier and faster for our stakeholders to get the answers they need."


SKF apps are available for the iPhone and iPad, but SKF is developing apps for Android smart phone to be released soon. Users can download SKF apps in any country where an iTunes Store is available. iTunes stores are available in over 60 countries worldwide. All SKF apps are available free of charge.